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The Napoleonic Association welcomes you. We look forward to seeing you at our events in the UK and our sponsored events overseas. As a member of the Napoleonic Association, you will be welcome to participate in our events, be covered by our insurance and be provided with black powder (should your chosen role require it).

We have two memberships:

  • Individual Membership, £28.00 per year
  • Family Membership, £38.00 per year

To join or renew your membership, please fill out the form below, and after login, you can pay for your membership in our membership area. For new members, once you’ve completed the form, an email will be sent to your unit officer for approval. It is only possible to join online. If you can’t or have trouble with this online process, please contact your unit to do this for you or help you with this. 

Starting a new group? Please contact us.

Technical issues? Please email the webmaster

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